Could CBD Help With Period Pain?

CBD and Period Pain

INTRODUCTION – Period Pain – Is there Hope?

For many women and I personally know a few within my own family, the the lead up to their next period fills them with dread; the unbearable cramps in particular. It still came as a surprise to me to know that as many as 9 out of 10 women suffer from period cramps or dysmenorrhea which is the medical term for painful periods.

Having championed the benefits of CBD oil for other purposes of which there are many, I was already aware that there were case studies to support claims that some women found CBD to help with their period pains.


It is a valid question.  What is clear, is that CBD is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a known fact that CBD works with the body’s endocanabinoid system (ECS); everyone has one and every ECS is different.

The endocannabinoid sytem is  a complex signalling system within our bodies.

period pains

There are three components to the endocannabinoid system ie: receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids. So with this in mind, the effect of CBD varies from person to person as does the amount. There are other factors also to consider such as a person’s medical history, other medications, weight and more importantly the quality of CBD. (Please browse through the selection we have to offer in capsules and oil format, plus balms and  CBD bath bombs; link below).




So  by now you most probably aware that CBD comes in many forms but did you know that in recent times CBD tampons have made their way to the UK market?

Valentina Milanova launched  Daye in 2018 with a view to better a woman’s quality of health. Daye is the first company to develop and introduce  CBD tampons to the UK consumers.   The CBD tampons are made with 100mg of high-potency (30%), full-spectrum CBD—and 0% THC.


Period Pain : Furthermore, with ‘green’ issues in mind, the tampons are made of 100% plastic-free, certified organic with unbleached cotton and grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides. The applicator is made of sugarcane and the wrapper is compostable.

The CBD tampons are available via a subscription service.

To find out more about the product, the science behind it, the care taken in production of the product, visit their website:

CBD Lifeproducts… A Higher Quality of Life – Period Pain

CREDITS: We would like to extend our thanks to @andreapiacquadio for the image at the header, @meetdaye for sharing details of their new and innovative product the CBD tampon; in their campaign to better women’s quality of health. Finally, a thank you to @marieclaireuk

Healthy Lifestyle – Period Pains

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Positive Benefits to CBD – Healthy Lifestyle

Clinical trials for the use of CBD  have demonstrated very positive results. Studies around the substance’s ability to promote a healthier well-being are very encouraging. These studies go all the way back to the 1970s.

CBD also shows promise to help many people improve their quality of life.  The important thing to bear in mind is that CBD is no cure-all and research is limited. Once again,  we suggest that anyone considering use of CBD as their daily routine should always consult their doctor especially if you have underlying medical conditions.

Final Thoughts – Healthy Lifestyle

More research needs to be done on CBD, but there are signs that CBD can help people feel better. The endorsement from the World Health Organisation will only accelerate growing interest in the therapeutic potential of CBD. Just keep in mind that with any emerging product, especially as it relates to your health, it is important to do your research thus, protecting yourself from bad information and if in doubt, always consult your doctor prior to purchasing.

We hope that you have found this article to be useful and informative. We stress that we make no claims of cure from use our CBD products.

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Please see “World Health Organisation” Report – WHO Report Click here