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CBD for back painOur beginnings like many other small businesses, was ‘born’ out of our personal experience; in this case, the power of CBD.  Established in March 2020 we launched with a view to bringing a range of CBD products many in the UK had not as yet explored.  

Our aim was to introduce the consumer to CBD via things that they were familiar with in their daily lives such as tea, coffee, cookies and a selective range of skin care products, in addition to the oils. 

Our products as we refer to them, are not strictly ours as we do not make them nor are they white-label, yet we regard them faithfully as ours. You could say our USP is to sell selective, hand-picked, trusted, CBD products which saves the consumer from having to ‘trawl through’ a plethora of products let alone getting baffled by all the terminology and safety issues. We take pride in offering our customers a great overall experience and a level of service we would expect for ourselves.

CBD oil UK

One year on, we have come to learn the value of working with like-minded people in the Industry in order to be effective especially when it comes to exposure for small business in the marketplace. So, we would love to hear your personal business story and showcase your products across our social media channels.  Please note, we do not offer advice or make recommendations. Our primary aim is to make your life simple by cutting out the hard work in promoting your products in a very competitive market. 

So come and join us on this venture and benefit from having the opportunity to maximise your chances of growing in this exciting, fast paced industry that is CBD!   The process of placing your ad on our website is simple, streamlined and user friendly. Once you have registered you will be directed to the Our Partners page on our website. You then have 3 options of promos to choose from. Please take a look; feedback welcomed!